Posted November 9, 2020 at 04:06 am

This was supposed to be out last week at the latest, though ideally it was supposed to be out before Halloween. I meant it to be an easy one to draw and finish! But I guess long slow constant states of anxiety don't care for schedules. Ah well.

- Psu

Hey, thanks to those of you who voted. Like, I mean, I don't have anything more complicated to say than that... it's an important process. Participation is good. Yeah.

Also, even though ghosts don't exist, don't default to being afraid of ghosts! They might just be snapshots of things from other times. Neat things. Like how the only way I've ever seen the Andromeda galaxy is really a picture of how it looked 2.537 million years ago, owing to the time it takes for its light to reach me. But that's a pretty cool thing to be haunted by, right? A trillion stars?

- Gunwild

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