Cheese Burger Man
Posted January 6, 2020 at 05:39 am

Happy New year everyone! I asked brellom to help out with the page. It was running late, holidays didn't help. But it was also a neat opportunity to use a different art style to compliment this story. I knew I wanted a sorta Zelda looking adventure thing and I just happened to know a pro at Zelda stuff.

So thanks again Brellom. And thanks for reading, everyone. Here's to a decent 2020.

- Psu

Hi. I hope you're doing well. The colour expression of the top 2 panels were inspired by some of Katsuya Terada's old illustrations. I should still be on vacation, but I helped out because I think you deserve to have nice things. I'm trying to give myself more time to breathe and relax in between work, and I think you should considering doing the same too. Anyway, I wish you a more-than-decent 2020.

- Brellom

I haven't had a burger in a week. Send help!

- Gunwild

Tags: nisa, nizka, otis, maks
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