Posted June 17, 2016 at 08:55 pm

Change is good! Yeah, so that's how Theira's species does things... she didn't used to have just two legs, either. There's some ins and outs to it, but we'll have to explain them as we go so as not to give everything away at once.

Psu's goin' away for a week, but there'll still be a guest update. It'll be canon and everything!

- Gunwild

This next week I'm taking my first "actual vacation" in a great number of years. Working on Art has meant I spent all my time at home, but home has become my office. This week, I'm gonna be away from the office. I hope to get some relaxing done. I'll probably tweet about it! But if you already follow my twitter (on the left), you'll know I'm just as likely to retweet news articles that agree with my distinct political point of view. You have been warned.

Anyway my bags are packed. I've got more game consoles and reading material than I even use when I'm at home coming with me. It's gonna be fun, I'll keep in touch.

- Psu

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