Crom-ic Strip
Posted April 8, 2019 at 03:26 am

Pretty tired again. Gonna go over a list of things I did from last week. Finished taxes. Yay? Went to MoCCA fest in NYC, just as a visitor, not tabling or anything. It's always a nice time. Also saw Shazam. Super good movie. See ya'll next update.

- Psu

You know, the king of Aquilonia? That very real and historical country that totally existed... in this setting. Hush, it did if I say so!

I'm doing that Neil Gaiman MasterClass thing. It's all very clear and well thought out and interesting, and I'm sure it will not get through to me because there's no making... this (kindly imagine I have gestured to my whole self) a great writer. But I still aim to be a decent one! Aspire to mediocrity, that's my motto!

- Gunwild

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