At Home
Posted June 4, 2022 at 05:29 am

I personally love the idea of a smart home, and in fact I've found that just having smart lights has been pretty cool. But it's only cool when it works the first time. If you're starting your day, repeating to the robot to turn on the lights, it's always gonna set you off.

- Psu

Webcomics suitable for Pride Month? Uhh, without even leaving Hiveworks I suppose can point you in the direction of StarHammer, Magical How?, and Check, Please! People like them! Maybe you will, you're a people.

I would like it, personally, if you also considered checking out our Patreon. The new pinup's one of the cutest things Psu's ever drawn (even according to Psu).

- Gunwild

Tags: maddy
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