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Posted April 11, 2020 at 07:05 pm

Hey, a good use of your time right now (since this comic was so short) would be reading reading Lovely Ladybug, by a chum of ours. It's cute superhero action silliness type stuff! If you like Cassiopeia Quinn it seems likely you'd enjoy it too. I know I do.

Right now my mind is often with my older friends and family. And people doing healthcare work, like Maddy's thinking about!

Things are bad here. It’s hard to make stuff. It feels less like working from home, more like hiding from what friends are calling "Captain Trumps" while also trying to get work done. Maybe that’s okay, I dunno. Still gonna keep trying.

- Gunwild

I didn't work on this page, but I almost did! Once upon a time, I was the artist under consideration for this page, but I was asleep when the idea was brought up and I forgot to say anything about it because I'm afraid of commitment! Anyway, funny page. Anyway... Things have been feeling really tough lately, and I'm not really sure if I'm going to come out of it strong. I hope you're all doing alright and practicing safe social distancing behavior and the like. You're really important to us, so we want you all to be okay.

- Brellom

I’d like to second a lot of what Brellom said, except to say that I DID end up drawing this script. It was a fun one. I’ve still got computer problems because I can’t figure out how to fix it on my own and I’m gonna end up sending this thing out to California which could take a LONG time. I might want to buy a decent laptop in the meanwhile. I’ve been wanting a laptop so I can work while traveling for a few years now. But... it could be a while before I’m traveling again. Man, things just seem to be delayed.

Anyway, I sincerely hope you guys are all staying safe. I know of a few people who’ve been laid off or have gotten sick already. I hope some comics, the ones we make or any other good ones you like to read, help you out in this time. And please take care out there. Virtual hugs all around.

- Psu

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