Cassiopeia AND...
Posted March 22, 2023 at 12:37 pm

One of this trio is not as interested in being a focal character as the others... but I tell you, these three are about to collide! With a bunch of conflicting interests! To pay off stuff we've been setting up for... uh, ever! Or as long as the comic's been running, anyway! It'll be thrilling, chilling, senses-shattering! You will not believe what happens next!

Well, actually, you can sort of believe it, because like I said, we set things up ahead of time. But I'm still going to guarantee you'll be impressed, or we'll refund the price of admission!

Oh wait, we forgot to charge admission.

Look, just show up!

- Gunwild

Go read Yotsuba, too, it's a great comic!

- Psu

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