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Posted November 14, 2015 at 07:16 am

Our very good friend Satellite Nine of Magical Girl Neil gave us another guest comic. You should do like I do and support the whole Magical Girl Neil experience on Patreon here, 'cause it nets you bonus cute doodles!

I have little of import to say in the face of a really, really bad Friday the 13th, so I'd just like to remind everyone that the American Red Cross provides worldwide disaster and crisis relief, and that donating in someone else's name makes a very mature Christmas gift.

- Gunwild

It's my niece's birthday tomorrow. I got her a cutout book with dress up fairies in it and this novel called The School for Good and Evil. It seemed nice! I enjoyed the premise and would like to read it myself sometime. I was thinking I should get her Amulet, and some other adventure comics but maybe that's for next year. Or Christmas. Whichever. In other news, my vacation with Fallout 4 has been going well and I've e-enjoyed the game a great deal. If you were to ask me for a longer complicated review, I could give you one. But on the plus side, no one makes games like Bethesda does. And that's for good and bad. I don't think their writing like text wise or character wise is the best. But their enviroments and their worlds and the massive events that you go through are always first rate. And that's ontop of this seriously engaging game engine. I'm loving it, even the new conversation system.

But mostly, I wanted to thank both Satellite 9 and Freeglass for their contributions this week. Satellite 9, who today, frequently visits my art stream. Drawing along side her has been swell. And I'm perfectly okay with adding the Satellite head radio interviewer to the universe lore. I just wonder what kind of show she runs, whether it's hard hitting events or just the occasional awkward encounters with guests. Either way, it's fun having her in there. Thanks!

- Psu

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