I'm The Greatest!
Posted December 11, 2019 at 05:29 am

So I've been absolutely loving the Watchmen show on HBO. It's consistently excellent, unbelievably worthy of succeeded the comic, and I hope it sticks the landing. But I wanted to point out something the lead writer Lindelof said recently, when the internet figured out one major twist within a couple episodes. If people can figure out a twist that big given just the few background clues, then it means they didn't cheat the audience. And that's pretty great, compared to some other HBO shows I could mention...

- Psu

This is the time of year to remember that video games can bring people together, and are meant to be shared! Well, at least that's what I'm gonna tell my family when I ask them to get me Jedi: Fallen Order, and have my brother lend me his copy of Death Stranding, and so on.

- Gunwild

Bug lass is best girl.

- Brellom

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