Santa? Lucia!
Posted December 24, 2022 at 02:53 am

Hey everyone, thank you for sticking with us this whole year. Love you all... but I gotta run. I've got a lot of last minute presents that need wrapping for some nice nieces and nephews. Take care everyone, be safe and warm!

- Psu

There's a blizzard outside as I write this, so I'm gonna hurry to get it posted before I lose power or internet. Some of my family already has.

I needed to give something to our Patrons, who are so full of the spirit of giving that pay us for the comic we give away. So there's a little story that goes along with this one on the Patreon, if you're into that! (Or the many many Psu pinups you get for a low price).

Mostly I just want this storm to be over and for the holidays to go right, so us comics-people can finally get back to some story updates. But what I need this year is for everybody to try and be kind to each other, even if it's hard to do. We could all certainly use it.

For instance, you should forgive us if we portray any Feast of St. Lucia customs incorrectly. I assure you, we relied on only the most exacting sources for research! Maybe they're just slightly different in the future?

- Gunwild

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