Pretty Sneaky
Posted February 8, 2023 at 09:24 am

I like to think that Dr. Biter's malt is a flavor dogs would enjoy, like... gravy, or bone marrow, or a shoe. It's the future, it should be full of options.

By the way, I've been informed that a lot of people don't know what a malted milkshake is these days. That's totally fine, because I didn't try one until adulthood, myself. It's sorta like uh... you know malted milk balls? Like Whoppers, or one of those other crumbly-on-the-inside candies? It's that kinda flavor. But it's cold, and you drink it.

They used to be everywhere for decades, but now malts are more of a quaint curiosity. I'd like to see them make a comeback in the far future, because it doesn't seem poised to happen soon. But a lot of places (even chains like Five Guys) have it as a milkshake option, so maybe give it a try?

After you go to our Patreon though, please. I can't really afford regular burger joint runs, but I'd like to! Practically research for the comic. Trust me. This will factor in.

- Gunwild

Sorry for the lateness on this one. It sometimes feels like I forgot how to draw...

- Psu

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