Posted June 1, 2020 at 09:44 pm

Our chums over at Lovely Ladybug are up to five whole issues of content they've released, and it's really really good. Please go enjoy it!

And as long as I'm giving you very helpful links, here's a useful page with details on how to find contact info for your federal, state, and local officials. You know, in case you've got something to say to them right about now. I know I certainly do.

- Gunwild

Oh man... where to begin. It’s been a hard week out there folks. I’m just gonna start with saying that I’m lucky and privileged enough to be able to work everyday. I can just put my head down for a few hours and draw comics or cute doodles, and I hope they make people happy for a bit. It is a lucky position, and I want to say I’m grateful for the opportunity.

But I also wanna say, black lives matter. Be cool out there folks.

- Psu

EDIT: Sorry, just trying to tamp down on the comments not related to the comic. If you want to talk about the politics of what I said, my DMs on Twitter are currently open.

- Psu

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