Posted August 25, 2020 at 08:13 pm

Page done. Very sleepy now. Everyone wish Gunwild good health, for me.

- Psu

Don't worry, I've barely got a fever. and I'm not even going to have to change my plans, which were to stay home and not do much.

More important is that Farring's shirt today features the leads from the webcomic (for you 18+ readers out there only) The Rock Cocks, which is made by our friends Brad and Leslie. They're currently avoiding trouble from two simultaneous hurricanes, so they're in our thoughts.

- Gunwild

For the flats initially I thought i was only meant to the characters, and then it turns out that I also need to do that for the backgrounds. I didn't really have color samples for those so instead I sent psu the separated BG colors in eye-searing neons.

- Jadie

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