No One Man Should Have All That Flower
Posted February 25, 2017 at 06:42 am

I didn't notice when Psu first sketched it out that there's a callback with the magnetic harpoon being on this page. I do know that Beebot considers Zeke a good kid at least in part because he fixed up the lil' guy using his technical knowhow. See? He's all shiny and has a non-busted wing, now! How nice.

One thing I didn't think up while writing this is where Beebot is getting all these flowers and ribbons from. Maybe Cassiopeia set him aside a little garden and some fabric...

- Gunwild

The more I look at this page, the more tiny things I want to change or add. But I think it came out pretty nice. And it's 6:40 am. There were a couple things that happened this week, I'm not sure I have the where withal to discuss them with the sincerity they need right now. Nor do I know if it's my place to do so. But at least through that, I'm still proud of the work on Cassiopeia. I like to think our space comic is unique as far as space comics go. If it weren't for the holographic cat and the cyborg tin man, it can be hard to place pages like this as science fiction.

- Psu

EDIT: The new Patreon pinup is out, featuring the return of Clawlossus! Oh, and the Doll-Fins, I guess. If you're a payin' patron, check it out! If you're not, think about joining! Either way, have a lovely day!

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