Yeah, A Waste of Vacation Days!
Posted October 10, 2021 at 07:42 pm

Feti's bag wouldn't fit all the comic-con swag I got. But I don't know if Feti would be that interested in an All-Might figurine. Anyway... visiting New York Comic-con this weekend kinda made me want to have a table. It still seems kinda dangerous but I kinda miss the adventure.

Oh hey, thanks brellom for the assist on this page while we were away.

- Psu

Oh right, I worked on this page! I didn't visit New York Comic-Con because I ACTUALLY have a life... In which I just sit alone in my bedroom all day. Anyway, don't forget to eat & sleep!

- Brellom

There was a good chance she could have said "Wait, I forgot something..." and turned around to accidentally catch Cassiopeia. But that'd cut things rather short.

- Gunwild

Tags: feti
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