So That Backfired
Posted October 22, 2019 at 03:49 am

Oh right, that was a thing...

The lesson is, never break form and ask to have a mature and serious conversation!

Oh hey, just in time for Halloween, me and comic-makin' teammate DDZ have released a sexy vampire story that you can check out on the Hiveworks-affiliated site Slipshine (cover image in link). It's only for adults, but it's right for the season, and we'd appreciate feedback if you do check it out!

- Gunwild

Unrelated, I've been taking my physical health a bit more seriously the past few months. Not for any emergencies or anything but just to get more energy throughout the day. So now I'm walking more. I just got a fresh pair of affordable sneakers. And I also got this game for the Switch called Ring Fit Adventure. I'd recommend looking that up if you wanna have a nice motivated fitness routine in your day. Hopefully it doesn't kick my butt too much, I need more of that energy to get this chapter done!

- Psu

I didn't work on this page, but don't forget to eat & sleep.

- Brellom

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