Regency Set-Trippin'
Posted May 21, 2017 at 06:18 am

Turns out [un]Divine, which I recommended a few weeks back, is now going to be a Hiveworks comic! Just like Cassiopeia Quinn! And I know you like Cassiopeia Quinn. I mean, chances are good, anyway. You should go read [un]Divine, like I said. Then you can be all, "I was into it before it got all mainstream, maaan."

- Gunwild

Hrmm, Gunwild will bug me if I don't take the time to do a newspost. I like you guys too though, so I'll talk a little. I'm going to apologize for the comments section. We're working with the guys at Hiveworks to implement a new version. And we're going to try to make sure to keep all the old comments in whatever new solution we take up. Disqus has just been a real pain, and these new terrible auto ads are actually making our site significantly more unstable. So hopefully we'll get that fixed!

On the other end, gosh I'm exited for Destiny 2. You've got no idea. I'm gonna stop blathering on right now so I can play Destiny with my friend. See you guys next week.

- Psu

Tags: feti, maddy
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