Posted April 3, 2015 at 11:28 pm

Check this out, comerades! We released a calendar for 2015... four months into the year. And we're not charging anything for it. What business sense!

It's full of highly accurate facts about humans, and Vanaa drawings you can't get anywhere else. You can donate a little money for it if you want - we'd love that, and it'd be a big help - but the main thing is that people enjoy it!

- Gunwild

So, as a person who eats foods and goes to people's birthday shenanigans, money is of interest to me. And namely how to make more money. I do enjoy putting out products though, like sketchbooks and art collections. So there's a good chance you'll see more of those. I figure if you're a patreon patron, you should get em as part of the package! But if you're just browsin, well I'll have stuff for you in store.

By the by, between Bloodborne and Destiny I'm maybe racking up too many game time hours! At least my Crucible ranking is growing quite steadily. That MIDA Multi-Tool/Radiant Dance Machine's build kicks so much ass.

- Psu

Tags: botz, zeke
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