Bringing in Cleanup
Posted June 25, 2024 at 02:54 am

"Oh yeaaaah!"

Ahem, thank you guys for your patience. I hope you're all well and staying hydrated as the world gets warmer this summer. Please take care of yourselves out there.

- Psu

Hey, that ship's been in the comic before...

My heat-beating tip is that I've developed an enthusiasm for little USB-powered fans. I can have a breeze on me wherever I go! This is important. This is life-changing. This is gonna be the breeziest summer of them all, I tell you!

For me, I mean. Not for the characters of the comic, obviously.

We're steadily approaching 100 exclusive pinup drawings on the Patreon, and Psu could use your suggestions for more if you join up. Some people in fact did when I mentioned last time that we were hoping for some new members, and they deserve extra special thanks! My pair of little rechargeable fans, while affordable, were not free. So clearly we need you, and to me, you're the coolest.

- Gunwild

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