Astronomical Events and Interstellar Mediums
Posted April 5, 2024 at 05:11 am

So, this Monday, I'll be taking my mom and dad on a trip to see the eclipse. This isn't exactly the first time we've done a big trip to see an eclipse. Last time, we went out to South Carolina about seven years ago. But man, we had the bad luck of some cloud covering the eclipse. Just how it is sometimes. Looks like we'll have about a 50/50 shot at clear skies this time too. Crossing our fingers. Dad's really hoping to see a total eclipse sometime and this is the only way we can get to one without getting on a boat and trying to do eclipse chasing.

- Psu

I will also be enjoying Monday's eclipse, with just about the same odds of actually having a view.

But regardless, take a look on NASA's eclipse website to find out what your viewing options might be, and also to check out a free 3D model of the position of the Earth and Moon and stuff! It can help explain to fearful people like me that no, the Moon isn't trying to kill the Sun and we'll all be okay.

- Gunwild

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