Deterministic Chaos
Posted October 24, 2017 at 10:46 pm

Remember how we did a guest comic for Miss Melee that one time because we love it? Well, Rob, who writes that joint, has recently kicked off another superhero comic (with significantly more cheesecake content) for you to check out. Please do, I'll wager you'd enjoy it!

- Gunwild

So one of the things I like working on is food, and the other things I like are dumb gadgets. After having one for just over a week, I can safely say that any old Air Fryer is NOT a dumb gadget. It's actually a very good gadget. Even the cheap no name brand device I got is radically changing how I cook and heat food. It's perfectly sized for a lonely artist that works way into the night. But more than that, it does a pretty good job at what it says it does and then some. It's supposed to "fry" your food using only air. It's more accurate to say it's just a concentrated convection toaster oven. The effect of concentrating the heat and circulating the air really fast is a very crisp exterior. I've cooked fresh fries and baked a filet of fish in one.

The device itself is very big though. It's roughly the size of my Instapot, which is another great kitchen device that's easy to recommend. So it demands a fair bit of counter space. It also shoots out hot hair. Not a hair dryer hot but hot enough that you'll want to keep its ehaust away from anything delicate. But I'll tell ya one thing, I've barely needed the stovetop range since I've gotten this thing.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna see if this thing can even make Hotpockets taste bearable.

UPDATE: It did NOT succeed with a frozen hot pocket. The exterior was warm and crispy but interior remained cold and distincty non gooey cheesey. Future tests may be conducted with a thawed hotpocket.

- Psu

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