I See You
Posted March 18, 2018 at 11:02 pm
Had to call in my friend, Brellom to help finish up with this page so the coloring is a bit different. I think the art's a bit wonky here and there but it'll suffice.

This past month was possibly the worst "vacation" anyone could imagine. Finding myself stuck between periods of doing nothing and stuck in emotional wreckage. Some nice days pop up now and then and I have plenty of distractions available. But I'm still feeling bad. I just needed to get a page done.

- Psu

Have I mentioned lately that Hiveworks, the gracious hosts of our comic, have a section full of comics that are nice for young readers? I was just thinking how the kids I know should have stuff to do on their phones that isn't unfiltered YouTube or awful freemium games... actually, some adults I know should be warned away from those things, too...

- Gunwild
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