It's Only Enfilade If They're All Going One Way...
Posted July 3, 2018 at 03:59 am
Fooling around with a Samsung Gear VR I got for my birthday, I found that virtual reality roller coasters make me kinda queasy... which is weird, because that pretty much never happens on real life coasters! My current guess is that the eyes are given the impression of movement, but since you're not actually getting tossed around, the disparity gives you a tummy ache... sort of like car sickness.

It'd be kinda funny if the first time a theme park ride made me puke, I wasn't actually on one...

- Gunwild

So in trying to get back onto a schedule for things, I've taken to the Pomodoro Method. I've used it before, but largely just to break up long sessions at the drawing table with occasional stretch breaks. Taking it a little bigger, trying to make it for the whole day, is helpful sometimes. I play it pretty loosely, but the idea is that I know I have a dozen things I need/want to be doing. And during any time I should be working, I just do one of the ones that are possible for a short amount of time, before moving on to take a break or doing another job. It's pretty complicated, but I try not to be too hard on myself with getting life in order. It's stressful enough as it is.

Thanks go out to Brellom again, for more help on this page. This time we used a bit more of Brellom's shading in the finished art and it helped out tremendously.

- Psu

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