The Sanest Choice
Posted November 9, 2018 at 03:25 am

So Gunwild hounds me all the time about playing games on my backlog. He's actually given me a number of great ones! Currently I've put in Hipster Fantasy Simulator Life is Strange and played through the first episode. I really like the "sit" button in that game and it's really refreshing to play. The entire mood feels like a hazy Instagram filter and that's by design.

On the other hand, I'm also playing Watch_Dogs 2! I'm enjoying that one a great deal, and Marcus is a definite improvement over the first game's protagonist. It's a little hard to like a bunch of "hacker fight the power dudes" if they're going around killing everyone they can. So trying to play the game with absolutely minimal killing makes it much more interesting as an open world game.

I don't play a lot of games these days, I wish I made more time. But I've made an exception for a few titles I think really helped my mood. I think people should play The Missing: JJ MacField and the Island of Memories. But I definitely understand it's pricey for a short indie title. And it's violent themes are not for everyone. Speaking of violence, Botz might want to get that looked at. Her eye seems really irritated.

- Psu

I try to make a lot of time for video games nowadays. Growing up, it was something really important to me and for the development of my creativeness. I'm almost done playing through A Hat in Time with a friend, it's a really charming game! I'm looking to visit Monster Hunter World again soon so I can participate in the Kulve Taroth event. I'm probably going to play Breath of the Wild again some time because it's a really beautiful game...

I was writing an entire paragraph about video games before I realized that's... Not really what this space is for, haha. This was a fun page to work on. I've really enjoyed the rich blue/orange colour scheme we've been playing with for the last few pages, and I always enjoy rendering the shadows & highlights on Botz's hair.

Don't forget to eat & sleep. And give Gunwild French fries.

- Brellom

I like French fries.

- Gunwild

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