Goopbye for now!
Posted March 13, 2015 at 11:30 pm

I think Nimoo wants to make a new friend and scooch towards adventure!

Anyway, that Vanaa-centric story was pretty long, right? Well, it's also not the last we'll see of them. They're too good to just drop entirely.

- Gunwild

Honestly, as you guys can tell, two full color pages a week on my lonesome is kiiiinda taking it's toll! I mean they're still getting done but I'm not all that big a fan of getting these in after the wire. Still, this has been an immensely fun comic to color. And I knew after we were concepting the Vanaa this whole chapter wouldn't have been nearly as good in black and white let alone lineart.

Thank ya'll for bearing with me. And we'll be ready with our next updates after a long break of... this weekend!?! Gunwild you slave driver!

- Psu

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