Auxiliary Forces
Posted July 15, 2023 at 11:22 am

I’m still on vacation. I got this desert at a kitschy chain restaurant that ended up being like 3 pounds of solid Boston Cream. I’m in trouble here. It’s so much cream. Help!

- Psu

These guys have appeared in quite a few guest strips over the years, our old friend finally revealed all their names to you as well as us. Now I can go through and tag them!

Saturday morning cartoons aren't a thing in the real world anymore, but I still practice them. Strong recommendation for My Adventures With Superman, which is new. Oh hey that Dragon Prince show is coming back on the 27 also, thanks Netflix. Although I warn you, I'm not done watching Skull Island yet, which you certainly should do if you're a Monsterverse person.

- Gunwild

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