Although That Doesn't Mean You'll Find Yours
Posted July 22, 2023 at 10:36 pm

Hey folks, I was still on break last week though I'm back now. Thank you Neil and Punchyninja for helping out with this little strip. Both came out really cute! I can't imagine why it'd be so stressful for Wrenn. Anyway, we'll be back on the main plot shortly! Thanks for your patience. I just really needed that break. Boston was a nice trip! I saw some history, got some good clam chowder, caught up on some books, and had a good relaxed trip. It was nice to travel for myself again, even for just a short time.

- Psu

Why does it have to be a "tower defense" game? Why can't I just have a tower? You might say that's not very exciting, but you know how many towers I have in real life? Zero. I'm not sure I even want one in real life, I wouldn't use the altitude. But video games can fulfill your wildest imaginings!

- Gunwild

Tags: wrenn
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