Two Wild Cards
Posted June 5, 2015 at 11:30 pm

That's a hell of a figure for a chip lead. But between inflation and conversion to space-money, who knows how much it really is?

- Gunwild

This isn't really relevant to anything specific at the moment but you can probably guess I'm a tech geek just from the comic we're making. This doesn't pair very well with the fact that I'm not used to saving money, I'm used to using it as I get it or need it. But now I've got a bit of extra money! And now I'm looking at gadgets that, while nothing is ever a thing I couldn't use. They're often things I don't really NEED to use.

This kinda stuff is like, a new phone or a keyboard for a tablet. A graphics card has some uses. A little more money and it could go to a new art tablet, my current one is showing its age with the screen getting slightly messed up.

But the end to that story is usually, nice and safely, eh okay I don't need to spend it.

- Psu

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