Deal Yourself In!
Posted June 2, 2015 at 11:31 pm

Ready to start a fun new story arc full of gambling, sexy clothes, and danger? Well, too bad if you're not, 'cause we're all in on this one! Hey, did I ever tell you Casino Royale (2006) is my favorite Bond movie?

By the way, we're aware that the "Bonus" gallery is broken, it should make a triumphant return sooner than later.

- Gunwild

So with a new month, it's time for another month of Patreon. I'd been a bit bad about keeping it updated and keeping in touch with patrons for the past month. A couple really long stretches of work and seasonal allergies made everything rather cruddy. And I fear my patrons suffered for it. The sketch commissions looked pretty nice though, some great stuff there.

Anyway, I'd like to make ammends for that, by returning to frequent Patreon updates. As well as updating frequently, I'm going to be using my other social media spaces like tumblr and deviant art more to their potential. This will sometimes mean sharing the good patreon art as public posts, this'll ideally help me promote the patreon and get new patrons in. Just gotta be frank with you guys, more patrons are definitely welcome!

But most importanly, I've gotta share more love for the patreons that've been supporting me for so long!

- Psu

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