Ms. Who?
Posted June 3, 2023 at 03:26 am

Okay, first things first. Thanks again Freeglass for helping with the inks on this one. They really helped out a lot, in particular on this one while I was getting the pinup done. Link at the bottom!

Second thing, go see Across the Spider-Verse. A lot of amazing people came together to make an amazing movie. It's incredible.

- Psu

It's a fine cover name, hush up.

For whatever reason, by the way, the whole first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is up for free on YouTube on Paramount Plus's official channel, at least where I am. It made a good impression on me, I'm sure I'll be watching all of it in time.

- Gunwild

Hello! So, if the last few pages have seemed a little different looking to you - I'm the culprit! As Psu has mentioned, I've been helping do the lineart in these last few pages and it's been a real pleasure to do so!

As someone who's been following the many wacky adventures of Ms. Quinn since even Before they were published, I'm genuinely excited to be part of it and I hope you're looking forward to what's in store!

- Freeglass

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