Try That Feet First
Posted June 10, 2023 at 02:50 am

Thinkin' about going to see Spider-Verse or Transformers this weekend. Kinda need to get out of the house after the whole smoke cloud thing in the area. Anyway, you guys stay safe out there. And thanks again, Freeglass for help on the lineart.

- Psu

Incredibly tough extra-vehicular activity war-suits are very expensive. Unless you can order them in the smallest size. Then they're only regular-expensive.

- Gunwild

Hey, you! I hope you've been having a nice week! Mine's been full of a relative's graduation ceremony and graduation ceremony-adjacent events! It really takes seeing all the graduates' families together to realize how much of a college education is a team effort. Sure, the student does all the work - but so much support goes into that.

Support the people you care about, everyone! It goes a long way and probably means more than you can imagine

- Freeglass

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