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Posted October 14, 2015 at 11:38 pm

Our first guest comic! Whoa. It's really wonderful to have people enjoy this thing we do so much that they want to contribute to it, and I hope more folks arrange some with us in the future.

TheĀ previous page is now in glorious color (partially thanks to the flats done by our friend Brellom), so please bop back an update and check it out. Also, Psu tells me you guys should expect another fresh page before the normal Saturday installment, even! So much comic... I was happy to see all that discussion on the last page. You don't know how much that means to everyone who works so hard to make Cassiopeia Quinn happen. I don't mean me, of course. I just scribble down some stuff about space-ladies in my pajamas.

- Gunwild

You know how people always say they need a twin or a clone so they can get all the work they want to get done, done? Well, I'm at least 80% sure my clone would just eat as much food as I do and come with as many tendencies towards delayed work. Anyway, I'm sorry. I also had something more interesting for update text. But I forgot it. Hopefully I can figure out what it was tomorrow! When you'll get a proper current update.

Also, go read Satellite9's comic. She's excellent, and has gotten so good at the arts recently.

- Psu

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