Goo Wave
Posted March 24, 2020 at 06:53 am
Update on the PC, well considering the way the world is... it’s not likely I’m gonna get my PC repaired in a timely manner. In the meanwhile, here’s a comic from my friend Jadie! We go way back to college actually. Go check out her comics.

On my end, I’ve been sorta trying to adjust to my new life as a hermit... well... MORE of a hermit than before. Meanwhile, I can use my iPad to work in Clip Studio. It’s actually pretty great but working with just one monitor is a bit of a drag. Man I miss my computer.

- Psu

I've wanted to pull the trigger on that one for a while.

I've only got things to say that you've surely heard a lot this week. Stay indoors if possible! Wash your hands a lot!

But more importantly, do not let anybody convince you that taking care of yourselves (and each other) isn't valuable. If there's one thing that this entire comic is supposed to about, it's that people are more important than stuff.

- Gunwild

I haven't done anything to be particularly useful to Cassiopeia Quinn, and I've been feeling kinda poop lately. I hope you're all doing well. Things seem especially rough for everyone, so I'm really worried.

On a more positive note, I've been playing Nioh 2 a lot. It's pretty cool. Oh, and I got the new Animal Crossing too -- it's my first game in the series. It makes me feel nice, and sometimes, for a little bit, I forget about my problems. I've been playing a lot more video games than I've done actual work lately...

- Brellom

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