The Biggest Stars
Posted August 20, 2017 at 02:16 pm

'Nother comics Humble Bundle is going on. This time, I recommend G.I. Joe (2013), which is included even if you just give as little as a dollar! Remember to amp up the percentage of your donation that goes to charity.

- Gunwild

I have my social media platforms which I use to varying degrees of success but I also have my comic whose followers for the most part I haven't leveraged in any sort of call to action. There are few things so important to me and decidedly one sided that I need to break an unspoken rule of conduct. And this weekend, I have two of them to get off my chest.

One: I just want to say Nazis are bad.

Two: I think Cassandra Cain NEEDS to be in Injustice 2.

Anyway, here's hoping to a good eclipse viewing day. Here's to the next one showing up to a world at peace and with Cassandra Cain in Injustice 3.

- Psu

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