Uniforms (Satellite 9 Guest Comic)
Posted May 8, 2017 at 10:07 pm

Meanwhile, vital business in the rest of the Prime Galactic Regency continues. If you'd like to peek at more of Sat's doodles of trouble-prone technician Austin Space, you can.

(By the way, don't actually talk to your commanding officer about the aesthetic merits of their butt, unless they have indicated previously that they are cool with it. As this one clearly has at some point.)

Also, Raccoon Girl is weird. But I like it.

- Gunwild

So my phone decided to just... practically reformat itself while I was using it as a GPS on a long drive. I'm not sure what happened to the phone exactly, it's beyond my expertise to explain the crash and how it lost a lot of pertinent settings data. It would've been a bad day had the car not had an old GPS lying about! I should probably get a new one.

I'd love to get the new OnePlus 5 if it were coming out but that's still some months away. It's hard being a tech geek that wants the best but can't really afford it at the same time. There were some good suggestions last time I brought it up but it's still a challenge trying to see if I can hold out for the upcoming models. Anyway, see you guys next week. And go visit Sat's comic! All her fan things for Cassiopeia are canon! (To me anyway!)

- Psu

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