Posted October 31, 2014 at 12:10 am

I'm gonna keep this brief since Psu has something important to say. Happy Halloween, for one thing! Remember to put the candy you don't want on top of the bowl, for the kids. That way you get the good stuff in the leftovers!

And yes, Zeke does have an app he's made which specifically tracks things that can kill Cassiopeia. He keeps recommending it to her... but she's waiting for the free version.

- Gunwild

So I'm moving this weekend! Things are goin pretty good! But now seemed like a decent enough time to go asking for funds. I have to reiterate what I said over on my tumblr, it ain't an emergency, but more funds are always appreciated. So I thought I'd direct my webcomic followers to my Patreon!

You can find some pinnuppy type stuff there, and sketches frequently posted. And there're plenty of previews of Peia pages and concept art, If you'd like more Cassiopeia or are basically just here for the butts. That's where you can find it! Happy Halloween, folks! I can't quite go trick or treatin with ya, I'll be packin my desk away!

- Psu

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