Posted November 4, 2014 at 01:40 am

We're gonna roll right into the next chapter with this cover that features a pretty rainbow and ominous outlines and might remind you of something.

Also, you must go to the bonus gallery this update. There's new fanart in there from webcomics notables like Josh Lesnick, Seamus Patrick Burke (who makes Oh Goodie!), Sattelite Nine (of Magical Girl Neil), and a crackerjack chibi piece by Cailly. See what they like about Cassiopeia Quinn... in art form! And join their ranks if you like, through the contact page.

- Gunwild

So I'm moved into my new apartment, dig's pretty nice! Barring a couple of things that could still potentially happen I see myself stickin around here for quite a while. My office is set, my new Ikea mattress is unfurled, and everything's feeling ready to take root.

And man, there's nothing like rent and a new place to make you want to work a lot harder!

- Psu

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