Posted May 25, 2016 at 06:52 pm

Everyone but me is playing Overwatch. But that's okay, because I finished Uncharted 4 and was satisfied with how it went! A full recommendation to all fans of the series.

Boy, there's a lot of Twitter outrage over the first issue of the latest Captain America volume, huh? It's in my pulls and I haven't gone to the store to pick it up yet, so of course now I'm completely spoiled. Thanks for that, people who don't even buy comics. Well, serves me right for using Twitter, I guess.

I wonder how all those angry people would react to the 1965 story where he switched sides in the war and the Red Skull introduced him to Hitler. Or that 1979 one where he joined a white supremacist organization. Or even the 1975 arc where he was so fed up with Nixon he quit Captaining for America altogether 'cause it wasn't worth doing.

Crazy plot developments happen in superhero comic books, is what I'm saying. If you actually want to get angry at 'em, you'll never have time for anything else. Besides, you could be reading cool non-superhero comics like Dreaming Eagles or Monstress if that kinda thing bothers you so much!

You guys probably don't care to hear me yammer about comic books. Hey, did you ever notice that the pilot seat of the Damselfly is a loveseat so Cassiopeia and Zeke can pilot it together?

- Gunwild

You'd think space-age heating coils would find a safer way to radiate heat, but what do I know about mechanical engineering? I draw butts in space for pete's sake.

Anyway, I'd also like to point out to my fans over here that I'm currently selling a small pinup book, it's the one I mentioned a few weeks ago about that April O'Neil lady. I like to think it came out pretty nice! It's got some suggestive situations in there that I think seem pretty related to her Saturday morning adventures. If you'd like to pick it up, here's a couple ways you can! Patrons to my patreon will have access to the full PDF soon, but high res patrons already have the link to the images inside.

Gumroad link for credit card users!

Sellfy link for PayPal users!

Thanks a bunch! Hope you'll enjoy!

- Psu

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