A Moment of Kandor
Posted June 3, 2016 at 09:40 pm

Food Wars: Sokugeki no Soma is basically Yu-Gi-Oh! with cooking battles instead of a card game I don't understand. The stakes are ridiculously high over stuff like whether or not someone will be able to bread a meal in time, and I kind of love it. I mean, I don't know how to cook either, but that's not the point!

- Gunwild

I hope my Patreons forgive me, but I felt like I wanted to share what I said about the page there with you guys here.

This is probably one of my favorite pages in a while. Not least because I think I'm fond of painting "grey" scenes like this. New Jersey is "beautiful" in a different way than some other places can be. It's got a mix of colonial, industrial, urban, suburban that lend itself to a very divisive landscape. And when it rains, but then the sun comes out, it's something of a special sight.

It was fun coming up with this page cause I never once questioned what the first panel would look like. I probably could've gone much more science fiction-y with the top panel, but then that would kinda betray the "normal" feel I wanted to get across. It's a moment with no space cops or pirates trying to chase anyone. I think it's something I liked about the last page too. The "Zeke heats up gag" stole the show but ultimately I wanted something about that feel of being a kid and falling asleep in the back seat on a long vacation drive. It's a very specific, very evocative, feeling that I hope came across.

- Psudonym

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