Funship Diplomacy
Posted December 8, 2022 at 02:33 am

Hey folks, I'll be moving again and leaving Chicago. The comic shouldn't see much more interruption than usual, if there is any at all. But we may have some guest work up next week as I try to move my office stuff. I must say though, Chicago's really left a mark on me. I kinda love this city. I'll see if I can get back here before too long.

- Psu

Chicago? Pff. What kind of city doesn't even have an East Side? Next you'll try to convince me that Venice is somehow nice, even though they forgot to build it it on land!

Also, how ceremonial can that sword be, you might wonder? It stabbed Maddy in the shoulder! And yes, it's definitely the same one.

- Gunwild

Tags: nisa, feti
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