Good Will
Posted December 24, 2020 at 02:43 am

This is... honestly a kinda tough holiday, not being able to see everyone because we wanna be responsible about the, y'know, deadly global pandemic. And given the excessive demands on the post office 'round these parts, my presents to Psu haven't even arrived yet! That's a bummer.

But fortunately we got this page out for you guys, and all. People I know are getting vaccinated. Plus I'm sure Santa's got something for me... will it be that DVD copy of the magnificently terrible movie Gymkata that I wanted? Only time will tell. But clearly, there's still plenty to enjoy.

- Gunwild

Once again, I thank you all for your support. Psu and Gun work hard to create Cassiopeia Quinn, so I am truly thankful that you support them in their endeavors. This was a pretty hard year for everyone, so I hope you're doing as well as you can be.

Unrelated, The Knight Before Christmas was a fun Netflix Movie. It's basically a Hallmark movie but with a knight isekai into the future, and I like knights and stuff.

Anycow, Happy Holidays. Don't forget to eat & sleep.

- Brellom

Hey folks, Merry Christmas! And knowing my schedule these days, Happy New Year. I'm sorry. Things have been pretty rough out there. I know it has been for me. And even if this decision is difficult, I hope everyone one of you are staying safe. I need to show you guys what happens in the comic!

On a side note, seems like my twitter has been locked, possibly someone tried to break into it. Hopefully I can get that fixed soon.

On what Brell said, I can't believe I got both of these guys to watch a random Christmas romance movie.

- Psu

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