Not the Beach Episode
Posted June 23, 2021 at 10:44 pm

Everyone, have a safe summer. I hope things are well. Don't run afoul of any pirate hunters. And always use sun screen. I want to thank Brellom for a lot of assistance on this page with the rendering. It helped speed up the process a bunch.

- Psu

Don't use sun screen. Just stay indoors, completely safe from the sun oppressive rays of death and doom. Anyway -- I haven't worked on this comic in a while, so it was pretty cool to play with these characters again. Don't forget to eat & sleep.

- Brellom

Uhh, I've got precious little to add... I'm glad I wrote those big floppy rubber flippers into this page, even if they're not very high tech or sci-fi. People tend to look just the right amount of silly trying to walk in them.

- G.W.

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