Ever Dance With the Devil in ... Well, Y'know?
Posted August 20, 2019 at 04:54 am

This past weekend I visited Flamecon in NYC. It was in the neighborhood and I had nothing scheduled. And it was a pretty good time! The percentage of people happy to be at the con, than not, seems higher than other conventions I've been to.

What's not fun, and largely unrelated to the con, turns out I need new glasses! And the optometrist says I should look at screens less so my eyes don't tear open. I mean... that's not EXACTLY what they said but it's the main takeaway I got from that. Well, that and a big bill.

- Psu

I did not go to anything with Psu this weekend, which is really too bad because I have a Mystery Science Theater 3000-themed blanket I'm supposed to pass on to that cat. Psu takes a lot of couch-based naps.

- Gunwild

Tags: kreuz, maddy
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