Stabbed in the Backstory
Posted April 5, 2017 at 04:55 am

Whoa, new Patreon-exclusive pinup of Dr. Botz! What's she up to since she was busted? How's her body looking since she was cut in half? How alluring can we make a would-be planet-conqueror with sharp metal teeth?! Click through for the answers!

Now, if you'd like to make your own helping of the tasty Roman favorite mentioned in the comic today, here's a cacio e pepe recipe I really like. Consider throwing a cooked egg in there, it's great.

And hey, in case you've never checked it out, a streaming service finally put up Babylon 5 legitimately on the internet. For free, no less! People have sung the show's praises all over the internet since, well, there was only Usenet to do so on. But if you like science fiction (you probably do, since you're here and all) and you've never seen it before, Babylon 5 is streaming right now and you should watch it.

- Gunwild

Sorry for bein late again. The page is rough, there are a number of spots I'm not too happy with. I really like the robot though. I was thinkin of my PlayStation Eye Toy when putting him together.

Anyway, it's 5am again. And I find myself needing to head out. Take care everyone.

- Psu

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