Posted August 27, 2022 at 10:57 am

Hey everyone, time for me to pack up all my stuff. Everything should be good, I just gotta make sure I've got enough space in the vehicle to throw all my junk in. Thank you for all the support, by the way. Everyone on the Cassiopeia patreon and my personal patreon too. Every bit helps, and makes things like moving easier.

By the way if you're interested, I also have a couple digital sketchbooks for sale on my Gumroad store, with a new one I released just last week. 

Again, this is probably a temporary move but involves driving about a thousand miles in a tiny car full of boxes. So ya know, hopefully it goes well! I'll see you all next time, but in the meanwhile I'm sure Gunwild's got something nice coming up too.

Take care everyone. And thanks again.

- Psu

Readers, pay attention to your health, not your weight.

Unless you're considering your actual mass distribution in some kind of rocket-propelled vehicle. Or you're smuggling yourself somewhere as mail. Then you'll have to account for weight. But only those two times.

Anyway, the mass of your body will not change under differing levels of gravity. Do not take health and fitness advice from some weirdo from the space-future.

- Gunwild

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