Yeah, Sure, That's It...
Posted December 5, 2015 at 09:01 pm

You readers are a discriminating bunch (I mean clearly you have taste, you read this comic). Is Just Cause 3 good? A worthy successor to Just Cause 2's wild and wacky wreck-o-rama? Should I ask Santa for it for Christmas? Keeping in mind that I'll have to play the console version... and also that I'm a very good kid, who deserves presents!

Note while you consider that apparently my standards are low, because I really enjoyed playing Halo 5's campaign... Psu and I shot a buncha guys with a buncha plasma.

- Gunwild

I really miss color guys, I'm gonna have to take a whole weekend to work on those for the older pages. This chapter was really meant to be seen vividly with all its rusty browns and Peia's big red bike.

We'll get those back, I have to promise ya!

- Psu

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