Never Mind the Maneuvers!
Posted January 21, 2016 at 02:41 pm

Psu and I have watched more than a dozen delightfully crummy Cannon films together.  If it weren't for our habit of staying up late to watch B movies, there wouldn't be a Cassiopeia Quinn, after all (Have you guys checked out Star Crash yet?).

That's why I'll definitely recommend Electric Boogaloo, an Australian documentary about the history of Golan and Globus making movies at high speed, on the cheap. It's on Netflix, go check it out!

Also... please prep yourselves for any dangerously heavy snowstorms you may be in the path of. Take care out there.

- Gunwild

Sorry, there is no physical way that a second page will be done this week. And that's even IF the coming blizzard turns out to be nothin'.

- Psu

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