The Perils of Cassiopeia Quickstart
Posted October 28, 2015 at 11:49 pm

I wonder what it says about me that when Cassiopeia and Zeke aren't together, I have similar banter between another man and woman. Well, in my defense, Zeke is still a serious desperado. Vernon there's just a desk anchor in a universe where lawbreakers can also be celebrities... it's probably not easy for him.

Uh, can any Australian readers check my slang, here? I'm not a native and have not explored your fine homeland. I just eat Tim Tams.

- Gunwild

Okay okay, update text umm... I dunno. You guys see the Martian? I thought that was pretty good. And it had some pretty believable mechanical designs. Mechanical designs in scinece fiction is so important to get right, but I kinda wish I had thirty assistants to do the little mechanical bits and bobs in between these machines. Actually I wish I had thirty assistants. Actually actually, I just wish I had a bit of food right now. I'm gonna go fix that.

Speaking of fixes, there are some issues I myself have with how this page is drawn out. I have a couple fixes in mind but they'll take more time. Time which I've learned is in short supply.

- Psu

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