Jinxed It
Posted April 3, 2018 at 03:42 am

This may be the best action page in the entire comic to date, and it's no thanks to me. I was just gonna have one drone robot and then many stand around in the halls looking menacing, but then Psu was like, "Quit it with crawling along, nerd!"

Okay actually it was much more constructive and collaborative than that, but the point is, I'm glad it happened. 'Cuz if this just went my way, it would be a whole lot more boring.

- Gunwild

Once again, Brellom assisted on much of the coloring on this page. Sorry it's a little late, again. Had a rough weekend and so on. I'd rather talk about video games anyway. Did you guys know that Breath of the Wild is really good? Like... why hasn't anyone been talking about this game? No one told me it was this good.

Speaking of good, go out of your way to read the webcomic Starhammer. It's written by a friend of mine and is very thoughtful about young people and responsibility and magical hammers. I like it a lot.

- Psu

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