Posted April 16, 2018 at 01:02 am
In case you were wondering, those holo-captures Cassiopeia is using came from here, here and here. How handy they turned out to be!

- Gunwild

As per usual these days, thanks goes to Brellom for assisting with the colors. And we've really gotta add em to the about page or something. Anyway, I'm gonna keep my comments brief this week. My wrist is actually hurting a little right now so there's that to worry about.

A couple things, I suggest reading Kill Six Billion Demons a lot. It's a hell of a comic. And I'm pretty jealous of how big and crazy their "heist chapter" is going. Great stuff.

Also, go read Gail Simone's Domino if you want a fun Marvel comic to pick up.Oh, also while I'm suggesting media. Maybe watch this guy on YouTube, Keith Ballard. His LPs have been pleasant listening for me the past few weeks and have been nice to have around even if I'm in a bad mood.

- Psu

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